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Dr. Kalia M Manoharan, M.Sc; M.Phil; Ph.D

      Dr. Manoharan is originally from the state of Tamil Nadu, India.  He received his Bachelors and Masters degrees from University of Madras.  Then he obtained Junior and Senior Research fellowships to do ovarian and cervical cancer research for the award of M.Phil and PhD in Biomedical Sciences, from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.  Afterwards. he worked as an Assistant Professor at Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda college for an year.  Later. he received a postdoctoral fellowship from National Institutes of Health, USA to do further biomedical research in breast cancer.  He also worked as a Senior Research fellow at the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. Then he worked as a full time faculty member of Physiology Department, Maharishi International University, Fairfield. Iowa.  Later he continued the teaching and research career as an Associate Professor at the Ponce School of Medicine. Ponce, Puerto Rico.  At present he is continuing his teaching and research interest at Miami Dade School District, Florida, USA.


     At the spiritual side, Dr. Manoharan took Swami Vivekananda as the first Guru during school and college days.  Also he was an ardent follower of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  and Vedhathiri Maharishi.  His close association with Vedhathiri Maharishi kindled his intense spiritual interest in Siddhas and their teachings.  He also realised Mahaavatar Babaji as his past life Guru and he is still influencing his present day life. His intense research on the Tamil Siddhas and their spiritual works for the past 30 years has resulted in the culmination of Yoga University of the Americas in association with Guruji Devaraj, from Bangalore, India.

At Chennai, India

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