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With the focus on Education for Self-Realization, the main constituents of our courses include two parts: 


1. Kriya Siddha Yoga 

(Developed by Dr. Manoharan, through Siddha literature and Maha Avatar Babaji's teachings & blessings) 


2. Atmadarshana KriyaYoga 


(Developed by Dr. Devraj, through Vedic literature and blessings from Vedic Gurus like Maha Avatar Babaji)

Kriya Siddha Yoga courses include:

Teachings that involve deeper discoveries of human nature as explained by Siddhas through their writings and poems in Tamil and other native languages of India.

Kriya Siddha course -  Level I (KSC 100):


Beginners Teachers course: Who am I? - to identify and explain the five different layers of human body

Kriya Siddha course - Level II(KSC 200):


96 Thathwas – Advanced Teachers Course: Complete exploration of physical and non-physical constituents of human nature as discovered by Siddhas.

Kriya Siddha courses Level III & Level IV(KSC 300 & 400 - MSc.):


Description and experience of Jeevatma, Paramatma & their relationship – Deep understanding of this concept will make a Siddha follower, to realize the ultimate purpose his/her own birth as a human being. Essentially the purpose of life will be very clear to the Siddha follower after this course

Kriya Siddha course Level V (KSC 500 - Ph.D.)


Tools and Techniques of Siddhas – Experiential education and application of Siddhas’ knowledge to transform in to a complete or poorna (a state of diseaseless, ageless and even deathless) human body as represented by Siddhas like Maha Avatar Babaji and 18 Tamil Siddhas.

Atmadarshana Kriya Yoga courses include:

Teachings that involve Vedic discoveries of human nature as explained by Vedas, Vedic Rishis through their writings, Puranas, mantras and poems in Sanskrit and other native languages of India.

Yoga Shikshak Course- Level I (YSC) 200 is a Beginners Yoga Teacher Course in Asanas and Pranayamas.

Yoga Shikshak Course- Level II (YSC) 300 Includes and deals with Yaama and Niyama.

Yoga Shikshak Course- Level III (YSC) 500 Includes, Prathyahara, Dhaarana, Dhyanah and Samadhi.

Yoga Shiktshak Course- Level IV YCC (M.Sc) – Holistic Therapy.

Yoga Acharya Course- Level V YAC (Ph.D.) Research on Vedic discoveries of human nature.


Religious Modifier for “Yoga University of the Americas – A Siddha Vedha Institute

A religious modifier is a requirement for our compliance with FLDOE regulations to include in degree titles, as described in Section 105.06(1)(f) Florida Statutes pursuant to religious institutions exempt from Government oversight. Some examples of religious modifiers are:

Avocational Degree Programs:

“Yoga University of the Americas – A Siddha Vedha Institute” (YUSV) offers Masters and Doctoral level programs which are avocational degrees. Avocational degrees are not designed or intended to qualify its participants and graduates for employment. It is intended solely for the avocation, personal enrichment, and enjoyment of spiritual evolution of its participants through the principles and teachings of Hindu Siddhas and Vedic Scholars.

Life Experience Credits:

“YUSV” avocational degrees can be of any discipline or subject that the applicant chooses. Life experience credits and transfer credits are accepted along with documentation and/or demonstration of competency. All “YUSV’ courses are fully approved by the “YUSV” Academic Council for accuracy and reliability.

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