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Vedic Courses

1. Yoga Shikshak Courses 

(YSC 200, 300 and 500)

2. Yoga Teacher Training Course

3. Acupuncture Course

Siddha Courses

1. Ninety six Thathwas of human body

as discovered by the Immortal Siddhas

2. Vaasi Yoga Course that teaches diseaseless​ness, agelessness and deathlessness

3. Vaasi Meditation and Immortality by Maha Avatar Babaji

Interaction Based Method

The courses are offered online and in person as necessary.  Initial contact by phone and email will result in  more details. 

For more details, check the Academics section. 

Real World Learning


Learn to 

write alphabets

Learn to 

write alphabets

Contact information

+1 786-231-8345  (USA)

+91 944-916-6245  (India)

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]